S3 E32 The Learning Odyssey: Documenting a Path of Continuous Learning and Self-Discovery - Part 2

We continue to explore the extraordinary journey of personal growth and self-discovery in episode II of our conversation with Dr. Patrick Green.

What does it take to embrace a growth mindset, allow oneself to explore, and document our active learning experiences?

Patrick is the Executive & Founding Director, of the Center for Engaged Learning, Teaching, & Scholarship, and a Clinical Assistant Professor at Loyola University Chicago @LoyolaChicago.

Watch the conversation on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ZrnfnhQwjVo

Highlights include:
Designing a comprehensible portfolio (0:00)
Let's talk High-Impact Practice (2:34)
Service learning (community-based learning) [3:13]
Connecting the High-Impact Practices (5:00)
The value of higher education (11:56)
The value of curated experiences (16:30)
The issues in Higher education (25:00

Be inspired by our guest's ePortfolio: https://luc.digication.com/Patrick.M.Green/home

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