Episode 149 Creating Impactful Community Projects: The College Unbound Method Part 1

Join host Jeff Yan in an inspiring conversation with Jose Rodriguez, Assistant Vice President of Community and Belonging at College Unbound.

Discover College Unbound's unique educational model, which focuses on community engagement and passion-based projects. Dive into Jose's journey from dropping out of school and incarceration to achieving a bachelor's degree and making impactful changes through non-violent initiatives.

Learn how College Unbound empowers adult learners by recognizing their lived experiences and providing a platform for real-world projects.

Listen to the stories of transformation and the importance of a supportive learning community.

CU, as used in this conversation, means College unbound.
To learn more about our previous conversation with Lizz Colon, see: https://podcast.digication.com/episodes/episode-147-benefits-of-community-based-learning-how-college-unbound-s-unique-approach-empowers-adult-learners-part-1 
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You can follow Jose Rodriguez on LinkedIn to learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jose-rodriguez-6592857a
Watch Part One of our Digication Scholars Conversation with Adam Bush, co-founder and Provost of College Unbound: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/s1-e25-the-new-college-unbound-turns-chaos-of-life/id1538850043?i=1000518019620

NECHE stands for New England Commission of Higher Education.

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