S3 E24 How Nursing ePortfolios Enhance Learning and Empower Students

Better is the ending of our conversation with Lillian Rafeldt than the beginning thereof, yet you don't want to miss a bit.

Our well-informed and open-minded guest concludes this conversation with practical tips, instances, and points of view on why the ePortfolio is a common and essential factor in #NursingEducation.

Lillian is a Professor of Nursing at Three Rivers Community College.

You'll find some of these highlights enlightening:
- Uncovering stories about Nursing ePortfolio feedback (02:45)
- Nursing certification renewal case study - Usefulness of an ePortfolio in Nursing Education (04:42)
- Articulation agreements - What makes a clear pathway for education/career advancement? (06:13)
- How to create the showcase ePortfolio in #Nursing (09:51) (14:02) (14:40)
- Mentorship and networking - 3RCC case study (17:13)
- Assessment of student's ePortfolio - 3RCC approach (21:38)

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