Episode 123 Empowering Student Learning & Assessment: Embracing Inclusive Learning Outcomes in Higher Ed Part 1

On the latest episode of the Digication Scholars Conversations, we delve into the innovative implementation of ePortfolios, exploring the impact on student learning, the institutional assessment of learning, and the drive toward equity in assessment.

Our guest, Abby Crew, is the Assistant Dean of Academic Planning, Assessment, and Improvement: Curriculum Review and Innovation at Colorado Mountain College.

Abby shares experiences on student and faculty engagement, the integration of AAC&U rubrics, the importance of 'folio thinking,' and challenges and strategies concerning the inclusivity of Multilingual learners.

She delves into the evolution of assessment practices and the institutional commitment to student-centered learning. From faculty engagement to student support, learn how ePortfolios turbo-charges learning and assessment in higher education.

03:15 Introduction
03:56 Beginning of the ePortfolio Journey
05:21 Experience with AAC&U ePortfolio Institute
07:48 Institutional Implementation of ePortfolio
09:19 Student Engagement with ePortfolio
11:56 Faculty Support and Resources for ePortfolio Integration
15:00 Goals and Evolution of the ePortfolio Project
16:18 Incorporating ePortfolio in STEM Disciplines
19:35 Personal Goals and Impact on Education
23:43 Institutional Student Learning Outcomes and ePortfolio
30:04 Supporting Multilingual Learners with ePortfolio
33:41 Future Plans for ePortfolio and Assessment
35:10 Conclusion

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