S3 E39 Bridging the Academic-Real World Gap with Service Learning & Writing-Intensive Courses Part 1

🎙️ Join us for an inspiring conversation with Professor Kathleen Borbee, a seasoned expert in Business Administration and former IBM professional.

In this captivating episode, we explore the dynamic world of academia and real-world application. Kathleen highlights her journey from IBM to teaching at Monroe Community College, and the role of women in the IT field.

She demystifies service learning and how it empowers students to make a difference while gaining valuable skills. Also discussed in this conversation is the critical role of writing-intensive courses in preparing students for real-world success, as well as the connection between High-Impact Practices and e-portfolios: Exploring the synergy.

Stay tuned for this enriching conversation that bridges the gap between academia and the real world, offering insights and inspiration for students and educators alike! 🚀📚 

- Women in IT (04:52)
- Service learning (11:45)
- Writing-intensive courses (12:41)
- High-Impact Practices in IT (16:18)
- Connecting High-Impact practices with e-Portfolios (16:49)
- Collaboration (22:10)

Revisit the Digication Scholars Conversation with Pablo Avila herein (19:10): https://youtu.be/gMo61_ie6iI

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