S3 E37 Empowering Growth: Reflecting on Internship Experiences in Community-Based Learning Part 1

In our latest podcast episode, we dive into the world of community-based learning with our guest Gina Woodall! 🌱

Gina is a Teaching Professor and Director of both the Capital Scholars Internship Program and the Community Engagement School of Politics & Global Studies(SPGS) at Arizona State University.

As one insightful educator, who listens, mentors, & grades students, as they share and reflect on their impactful experiences, Gina helps us uncover how community-based internships shape their growth. More so, help them find inspiration that sparks lasting change.

📚 Discover how e-Portfolios take you deeper into experiences than social networks ever could, unveiling the heart of each journey.🎓

Tune in Now! https://youtu.be/IUhSgVXz85U

- Community engagement Internship (02:00:)
- Telling/reflecting on experiences (08:39)
- e-Portfolio mentorship & grading (13:22)
- Why e-Portfolio vs. social networking (19:05)
- Community-based experiential learning (21:35)
- Our guest's research works (29:01)
  - Women in politics (an intro) [29:01]
  - Exploring women in leadership (29:39)
  - Zeroing in on Fake News (31:07)

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