S3 E31 The Learning Odyssey: Documenting a Path of Continuous Learning and Self-Discovery - Part 1

We explore the extraordinary journey of personal growth and self-discovery in this episode.
What does it take to embrace a growth mindset, allow oneself to explore, and document our active learning experiences?

Our guest, Dr. Patrick Green, is the Executive & Founding Director, of the Center for Engaged Learning, Teaching, & Scholarship, and a Clinical Assistant Professor at Loyola University Chicago.

The learning portfolio showcases the power of experiential learning. It helps the learner unlock new insights repeatedly, transforming lives.
What else is there to know about building ePortfolios through active, explorative, and experiential learning?

Ignite the quest for knowledge in this episode: https://youtu.be/07YbFZhz_og
Experiencing personal growth (5:34 )
Permission to explore (12:50)
Learning portfolio (17:13)
Learning portfolio - Technology vs. Pedagogy (18:29)
The learning portfolio (both process and product) [22:21]
Eportfolios are maleagable (25:40)
Growth mindset (28:33)

Be inspired by our guest's ePortfolio: https://luc.digication.com/Patrick.M.Green/home

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