S3 E25 ePortfolio as a Means of Change, Reflection, and Development

Developing a strong passion for helping a diverse pool of people could bring about change and growth in our communities.

Understanding the need to reflect upon the skills honed over time - empathy, connection, expertise, etcetera - is one of the many motivations, according to one college student, Martin Gaucin, who's using ePortfolio as a means to these ends.

Hear Martin discuss ePortfolio as a means of change, reflection, and development in the new episode of the #DigicationScholars conversations. He's an ePortfolio Specialist and Diplomacy Coordinator at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC).

Watch the conversation here: https://youtu.be/YRURgSw8sGY

The highlights include: 
ePortfolio adoption (04:32)
ePortfolio reflections (05:35)
A passionate reflection (10:26)
Impacting students (16:04)
Impact - Case study (16:55)
Impacting self (17:54)
Empathy & connection (21:30)
Cost of college ed (28:43)
Content acquisition (34:43)

Highlighting Local, Global, Personal, and Professional Social Justice and Civic Engagement Efforts through ePortfolio - M. Gaucin, L. Smith, et al (15:01): https://youtu.be/iiaqLQDg51U

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