S3 E 14 Why Identity and Storytelling are So Powerful in the Digital Era

In this episode of the Digication Scholars Conversations, Beata Jones shares a first-hand account of connections between ePortfolios and different learning outcomes. Beata is a professor of business information systems practice & Neeley Distinguished Teacher at Neeley School of Business, TCU. The highlights include the following: The need to do an ePortfolio for an external audience (06:00) Digital storytelling guidance and evaluation (12:50) ePortfolios and their connection to the study abroad experience and many other learning outcomes (18:45) And much more... Learning Through a Prism - Tracy Lynn Rundstrom Williams: https://www.tamupress.com/book/9780875656908/learning-through-a-prism/ (18:47) Watch the episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/NvOE08E53Cw For more information about this podcast, please visit our podcast website using the link below: https://buff.ly/3SWPJDV Listen on Apple Podcasts using the link below: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/digication-scholars-conversations/id1538850043 Follow us on Social Media! Twitter: https://buff.ly/3SXhzQH Facebook: https://buff.ly/3T0FtdZ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/makelearningvisible/ Digication is a technology platform powering the most innovative ePortfolio programs in K-12 and higher education. Please visit our website at https://buff.ly/3rMBqWy #DigitalStorytelling #StudyAbroadExperience #DigicationScholars #MakeLearningVisible #Digication #PersonalBrandDevelopment #Holidays
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