S2 E32 Exploring Cultural Identity and Belonging as an Alaska Native Student - Shamai Thacker

(Part 1 of 2) Shamai Thacker is an ePortfolio strategist at University of Alaska Anchorage. In this Digication Scholars Conversation, Shamai and host, Kelly Driscoll, discuss the challenges and triumphs she encountered while receiving a master of education in teaching and learning. Now pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in Alaska Native Language and Studies, Shamai shares her journey of developing a deeper connection to her Alaska Native heritage. While a family background in commercial fishing led to a complicated and at times inconsistent educational experience, Shamai has channeled these experiences into a desire to mentor and guide students coming from similar situations. “I feel a connection…and my passion for educating and for trying to be a voice and for trying to be a supportive person has not wavered… I feel that there is a lot of value in people seeing others’ journeys and what that means and how it's shaped them.”
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