S2 E28 Who Am I?: Authentic Self-Discovery Through Mindfulness and Storytelling - Tracy Penny Light

(Part 1 of 2) Tracy Penny Light is the Professor and Director of Leadership and Excellence in Academic Development Division at St. George’s University, and is the President and Board Chair of AAEEBL, the Association for Authentic Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning. In this Digication Scholars Conversation, Tracy and host Kelly Driscoll discuss the relationship between mindfulness and ePortfolio practice, and Tracy recounts the lessons learned from her first foray into using ePortfolios while teaching a History and Film course at Waterloo University. “It just reinforced for me the importance of allowing students to tell us what they're learning from their various experiences.” She goes on to talk about her work with AAEEBL and the importance of educators creating their own ePortfolios in order to better serve their students. “They'll have a much better understanding of not only themselves,... but also for the kinds of experiences their students might have, and they're just going to build their empathy. They're going to get something good out of it because they're going to develop this professional identity and it's going to be a win for everyone.”
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