S2 E25 - Designing Curriculum for Student Success in an Interdependent World (Part 1) - Joe Tranquillo

What is transformative teaching and learning? In this three-part Digication Scholars Conversation, host Jeff Yan attempts to get to the bottom of this question with Joe Tranquillo, Associate Provost for Transformative Teaching and Learning and Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Bucknell University. For Joe, it’s all about helping students to thrive by encouraging and supporting faculty to think differently and try new things. Drawing on experiences working with the Stanford D. School, Joe is a proponent of applying the iterative process of design thinking to creation of curriculum. For today’s interdependently minded students, Joe stresses the importance of imparting processes and frameworks that they can carry forward into their lives. He champions liberal arts education as a uniquely effective tool for improving societal problems by shaping students who deeply care for others, are good stewards of their environments, and continually invest in themselves. “I think if we’re going to be able to make actual, real substantive change…we’re going to have to align the vectors of our technologies, of our politics, of the way we think about what ethical behaviors are. I think that higher education can play a significant role in educating folks to begin thinking about how to align those vectors.”
Episode Notes:

Joe's Reflection Collection cards can be found on his website, here: https://www.joetranquillo.com/reflectioncollection
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