S2 E24 - Experiential Learning and the Urgent Need to Diversify Curriculum (Part 2) - John Regan

John Regan, Master Lecturer in the Department of Rhetoric and Director of ePortfolio and Assessment at Boston University’s College of General Studies, shares his experiences in leading an annual study abroad trip to London, explaining how such trips provide the opportunity for in-depth experiential learning. “If you construct an assignment where you have classroom discussion around a topic, the students do independent research and then go out and apply that research in a real world context. It's a powerful triad. I think it’s just remarkable.” Drawing on years of experience as the college’s Director of ePortfolio and Assessment, John offers guidance on encouraging reticent colleagues to embrace ePortfolio based assessment, recommending a “start small” approach. Additional topics covered include the need for transparency in college spending, and the importance of diversifying curriculum by balancing out classic texts with alternate perspectives from marginalized voices.
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