S2 E11 - Preparing Your Students to Take On Tomorrow's Wicked Problems (Part 1) - Paul Hanstedt

Paul Hanstedt is Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Washington & Lee University. In this Digication Scholars Conversation with host Kelly Driscoll, Paul shares how an experience of feeling out of place while spending his junior year of college at Durham University in England forever shaped his teaching philosophy. “When I'm in the classroom, I have always been drawn to the kids sitting in the corner who don’t feel they belong . . . Because there's a spirit there and a fierceness there and a capacity there that doesn't seem to have an opportunity.” Paul and Kelly then discuss how fostering this inherent spirit and capacity can give students the resilience and competencies to take on persistent challenges, a central theme of Paul’s 2018 book, Creating Wicked Students: Designing Courses for a Complex World.  Paul then stresses the importance of finding joy in one’s work, and presenting students with “beautiful problems” to make them engage on a deeper level, form connections, and gain confidence in their ability to take on life’s wicked problems.
Episode Notes:

Paul's book, Creating Wicked Students: Designing Courses for a Complex World can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Creating-Wicked-Students-Designing-Courses/dp/1620366975
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