S2 E07 - Creating a Culture of Confidence and Connection at Boston University (Part 1) - Natalie McKnight

In this wide-ranging Digication Scholars Conversation, Boston University’s Natalie McKnight and host Jeff Yan cover a number of topics, starting with how the meaning of “culture” on campus has evolved over time, and the role that Natalie plays in creating and maintaining campus culture and values in her role as Dean in the College of General Studies. In offering a definition of General Studies, Natalie describes a culture of viewing topics and issues through the lens of multiple disciplines and forming connections between seemingly unrelated areas. They go on to discuss the mental health crisis in higher education and the ways that student attitudes have evolved to value social responsibility and inclusivity over the pursuit of high-paying careers. “I derive a lot of hope, looking at these students and their wisdom on these issues, and their embracing of inclusivity, not because it's trendy, but because it's right.”
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