S2 E06 - The Dance of Your Life Story: The Urgent Need For Arts Education and Advocacy (Part 2) - Jill Flanders Crosby

Jill Flanders Crosby is a Professor of Dance at University of Alaska Anchorage and currently serves as Dance Program Coordinator in the Department of Theater and Dance. In her Digication Scholars Conversation with host Kelly Driscoll, Jill shares how an early resistance to the idea of teaching dance evolved into a deep appreciation for the ways in which dance scholarship and dance performance can inform and enrich one another. Operating against commonly held perceptions of dance as a marginal subject for scholarship, she describes feeling a particular responsibility to arm her students with the ability to discuss their art in scholarly terms while refining their abilities as performers. Later in the conversation, Jill explains how she approached teaching dance performance within the limits of COVID19 restrictions, and shares a number of ePortfolios that capture the creativity and resilience of her students during that time period. “I tried to tell them, ‘Make your ePortfolio dance,’ and they did that. They made them dance through not only the movement of the eye, but then the movement we would see in their videos and how they would film them. They found that way.”
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