Episode 120 Telling Your Unique Narrative: Nurturing Belonging Through ePortfolio Part 2

In the concluding part of our conversation with Professor Ben Jenkins, we explore the use of ePortfolios in Capstone projects.
We discuss how ePortfolios are introduced and how they are adapted for different majors.

Ben is the University Archivist and an Associate Professor at the University of LaVerne.

We also explore the following topics:
- Senior Capstones in History Classes
- ePortfolios introduction in a Capstone project
- Adapting the ePortfolio for different majors
 What class keeps ePortfolio?
 Other noticeable approaches to using the ePortfolio
- How student's reflections become part of the university archives
- What got you into using ePortfolios
- Teaching ideology
- Best practices - Use of ePortfolio

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