S1 E30 - Students Feel It's Important to Show Who They Authentically Are (Part 2) - Sally Fortenberry

Sally Fortenberry, Associate Professor of Fashion Merchandising and Director of Center for Merchandising Education and Research at Texas Christian University, has a career in academia spanning multiple decades. In our conversation Sally shares how fashion merchandising students use portfolios to show a full range of skills including apparel construction, product development, wholesale buying and consumer behavior. Students use ePortfolios to show not only their creativity, but their analytical skills no matter what industry they go into. Sally says, “all of these different components and aspects of a student bring to light in the about me page because students feel it’s important for someone to know who they are authentically are. It's fascinating to see how they then take all those pieces and how they see their work stuff fitting within the fashion industry. This is the students chance to share where their influence came from - whether it was a relative, a parent, a sibling, or a best friend. Hear how Sally uses reflective learning to prepare her students for the job interviews with ePortfolios.
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