S1 E26 - The New College Unbound Turns Chaos of Life into Learning (Part 2) - Adam Bush

Adam Bush, co-founder and Provost of the newly accredited College Unbound, shares his story of stepping out of the box to create an accessible, affordable and equitable college education. Adam shares how College Unbound provides adult learners with a college education integrated into their daily lives with courses focused on Organizational Leadership at community centers, libraries, or public housing. Adam says that he “wants the student experience of navigating our college to be as funky and natural as one that really reflects the learning that they're a part of regularly in their daily practice. And the school is an advocate for that learning. There's an institutional way to look at what we did that's really not so funky for the student." Adam speaks about the importance of students bringing their full selves to their education experiences, and how College Unbound nurtures those students to do so. Hear how Adam and College Unbound are advocating for change in learning.

Episode Notes:

More information about College Unbound can be found on their website: https://www.collegeunbound.org/
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