S1 E17 - Rethinking How You Teach: It's All About the Students (Part 1) - Jordi Getman

Jordi Getman Eraso, Professor of History and the inaugural Director of Online Learning at Bronx Community College, tells us about the moment that he, as an educator, realized, “Oh wow, I've been doing this all wrong.” Jordi explains his path to rethinking how he teaches; acknowledging the importance of empathy and context, empowering students to grow their confidence, and embracing the idea that failure is not a barrier but rather a gateway to success. Most importantly, remembering that, in the end, it’s all about the students. Now, as higher education changes--evolves--in response to COVID-19, Jordi encourages faculty to use the time to build and grow their online pedagogy. “How can we actually take these difficult moments and turn them into something positive?” Higher education has the capacity to be transformative not only for the students but also their faculty.

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