E118 The Power of ePortfolios as Advocacy Tools for Students Facing Systemic Barriers and Racism Part 2

Join us for the second part of the compelling conversation with Dr. Abiodun Durojaye.

In this eye-opening discussion, we delve into:
✅ Empowering Working Adults: Fostering Independence
✅ Engaging Young Adults: Making Internships Count
✅ Paid Internships: The Path to a Fairer Future
✅ Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Systemic Obstacles

Our guest is the Chief Executive Officer of Urban Alliance. This national youth development non-profit provides young people with the exposure, opportunity, support, and training needed for lifelong economic self-sufficiency.

She discusses unlocking success in Internships: Navigating challenges & promoting equity.

Watch Now: https://youtu.be/jHGsvNX1z-M

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